Cost/ Benefit of Managing Occupational Road Risk

Driving is just about the most dangerous at work activity that people can do.                        RoSPA estimates that 1 in 3 accidents involve someone driving in the course of business, and yet only 1 in10 vehicles on the road are being used for work purposes. We can conclude that driving for work must be more dangerous and of course driving activities are more likely to affect the public at large, so a business can be exposed to more risk from its on road activities, than other areas … [Read more...]

Driving for work – long hours culture

Any businesses that has employees; that work long hours, during which they may drive, whilst on Company business, has a duty to take care of those employees. In a recent Court of Appeal case, the court upheld a High Court award for 1 million in damages, after a van driver was left parlayed down one side of his body, after being involved in a road accident, whilst driving on company business. The High Court found that the accident had been caused when the van driver, fell asleep briefly; a … [Read more...]

Driving for Work – The Grey Fleet

This phrase is one that has been coined in recent times, and it refers to a situation where an employee’s own vehicle is being used for business purposes. Following the clarification by the HSE’s Driving at Work’, publication, most employers are now aware that health and safety laws apply to on-the-road work activities, in the same way as to all other work related activity. The risks must therefore, be demonstrably, and effectively managed within an employers health and safety system. In … [Read more...]