Staying Behind the Wheel Longer: Driving in Retirement

    Staying beyond the wheel longer, whilst remaining safe is surely a goal that every motorist wants to achieve? After all the independence that a car provides cannot be overstated, particularly for those living in rural parts of the country. There is a problem though, how do you know that your driving is still safe? Driving is deeply habitual and it’s very difficult for any motorist to see changes in their own driving habits. A good analogy is trying to proof read … [Read more...]

Experienced Driver’s Assessment

                                                                                                                                                   Kings Hill Fleet Training is pleased to announce a new driving evaluation scheme for residents within the Sevenoaks and Malling Area’s of Kent. The driving skills evaluation takes place from a driver’s home using their own car and is delivered by a D.V.S.A registered Approved Driver Instructor that has undergone additional training … [Read more...]