Short- Duration Eco Driving Training





Eco Driving is all about saving money, the environmental benefits are an additional benefit.

Kings Hill Fleet Training deliver’s subsidized Eco Driving Training to drivers of Cars and Vans weighing less than 3.5 Tonnes. Our training model is subsidized by the Energy Saving Trust, and we are Approved Energy Saving Trust Eco Driving Trainers.

We deliver subsidized Eco Driving Training to Local Authorities such as K.C.C and to companies both large and small.

Energy Saving Trust has allocated funds to spend on delivering training to the drivers of Cars and Vans commercially.

The training provides vehicle operators with large savings in terms of fuel costs, together with some great PR opportunities. Eco Driving is also proven to be safer driving.

What’s more the benefits come at a very low initial cost to a company.

How does Eco Driving work?

The Energy Trust Short –Duration Eco Driving Training is designed to deliver fuel savings of up to 15%, which were found possible by the ECODRIVEN project, which was a pan European-wide and conducted between 2006 and 2008.

What is the initial cost to make the savings?

At Kings Hill Fleet Training our training embodies the core principles of Energy Saving Trust’s Eco Driving Training scheme. Under the scheme the cost is subsidized by Energy Saving Trust.

50 minutes of each driver’s time is all that it takes to deliver the Short Duration Approved Eco Driving Training. We can train up to 8 drivers in a day.

The cost of the training is £ 35 per driver trained. Energy Saving Trust will pay us a subsidy of £25, so your invoice will be only £ 10 per driver trained.

Are there any other benefits of the training?

  • proven to reduce a drivers collision risk for your employees.
  • employees will feel less stressed and may make fewer driving errors.
  • the training may satisfy some of your obligations under Section 13 of the MHSWR 1999. See also “Driving at for work”.
  • we are able to combine the training with fleet training for company car and van drivers, which could reduce the cost of complying with Health and Safety legislation significantly.


*Training is delivered from company premises. A correctly insured car must be provided which is capable of recording MPG and MPH, in order to validate the training.

To book your Energy Saving Trust Approved Eco Driving Training, just call 01732 252799 or e mail, to find out more.