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What is Advanced Driving?

We are often asked this question. Unfortunately it’s difficult to give an answer in qualitative terms.

This is because Advanced Driving is all about the tests provided by different motoring or safety organisations, all with competing interests.

As such each test has a different assessment process and marking criteria.

RoSPA (The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents) and IAM (Institute of Advanced Motorists) use a system based on “Roadcraft”, which is the Police system of car control. The Rospa Test is rather more purest in its application of “Roadcraft”.

The “Diamond” Advanced Driving Test is provided by the Driving Instructors Association. It is available to non -Driving Instructors and the test is based on the system used by the DVSA to conduct practical driving tests.

We are often asked which Advanced Driving Test is best?

The answer to some extent depends in why a candidate is taking the training and the test.

So, for example, a potential driving instructor, that is about to take the DVSA Part 2 Test of Driving Ability would be best of taking the “Diamond” advanced driving test, as its marked on the same schedule. Someone that is going for a driving job, that requires a pre- employment driving assessment, would probably be better taking some training to pass the “ Diamond” Advanced Driving Test.

At Kings Hill Fleet Training, we can train candidates to take any of the Advanced Driving Tests, including the DVSA Provisional Driving Instructors Part 2 Test of Driving ability.