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As Driving Instructor’s, if you asked us what was the most common statement that we hear from a potential pupil at initial enquiry stage it would be “I want to pass quickly!!”

Well come on, who wouldn’t??

Often then it doesn’t quite work out that way, as other priorities lead to missed lessons and prolonged periods of no pupil input……………which is never going to work.

Well for those that are serious about passing a practical Driving Test quickly………. there’s intensive!

You may have seen a few misleading advertisements out there which make “promises” like “guaranteed pass”, designed to entice customers into signing up, believing that a driving test pass first time around is guaranteed.

This is not in reality the case and the words are there to mislead.

Most people would pass a Driving Test at some point in time…………that’s the guarantee that isn’t!!!

We offer “intensive” training, that’s plenty of hours, over a short time period.

This type of training is not for everyone, as some of us need more time to learn and intensive driver training could be a waste of money.

At Kings Hill Fleet Training, we assess a candidate’s ability for intensive training before embarking on the course. One very important pint to mention at this point a theory test pass prior to commencement of training is required.

A potential “intensive” pupil would need to be available for a two -week period during the day, in order to put in the average 30-40 hours training required.

Do you want it?

Yes, then be prepared to work hard and apply yourself.

We will support you all the way through and match your hard work and application, making sure that we remain focused on delivering quality Driving Instruction and an enjoyable experience.


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PS: If you want driver training that falls between “normal” and intensive…………please ask!