What is Defensive Driver Training?

Defensive Driving forms part of what is known as “Advanced Driving”.

The object of Defensive Driver Training is to encourage driver’s to accept that it is their responsibility to control the risk from hazards, regardless of priority and to think beyond fault or blame.

Fault or blame is for insurance companies or the police, but is always after the collision has occurred. Being right, but injured or worse is not helpful.

The true Defensive Driver controls driving risk by looking and accepting responsibility for the danger created by other drivers, allowing more time to defend against the threat.

Benefits of Training

Defensive Driving techniques are a very effective way to assist in the control personal and occupational road risk and moreover save money on fuel, the direct/indirect costs of bent metal.

Fully Qualified Instructors

Training is delivered by our team of D.V.S.A Approved Driving Instructors. Each is Fleet Registered with the D.V.S.A, and a holder of the RoSPA National Diploma in Advanced Driving Instruction.

Driver Development Reports

A detailed driver development/ risk assessment report is produced for all participants of our Occupational Defensive Driving Course.

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