AA Drive Tech Announces Redeveloped Training Course.

Fuel Saving


AA Drive  Tech has recently announced details of its redeveloped training course.



In the Fleet News article the company says that it plans to put 6000 drivers per annum through the new course, which incorporates the core elements of Energy Saving Trust’ Approved Eco Driving Training. In the article a spokesperson states ““Our courses tend to be half-day or one-day training and that gives the drivers more chance to understand the benefits of an eco-driving approach because they can practice it for real,”

At Kings Hill Fleet Training we have adopted the Energy Saving Trust’s  Short Duration model for training which has found to be the most cost effective and widely accepted. We charge our customers in Kent only £ 15 per driver trained.

The short duration Energy Saving Trust Eco Driving Training model has been proven to save at least 15% on an annual fuel bill . Putting that in real terms you could save £ 700 per year in fuel for a driver covering 30,000 miles per year.

The training takes only 50 minutes of your Drivers time and consists of two runs, where MPH and MPG figures are taken and recorded. The second run follows Eco Driver Training intervention and aims to prove to the driver that a reduction in speed not necessary to achieve the fuel use reductions.

Many of our customers go on to reinforce the training in imaginative ways, including driver competitions linked to incentives.

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