Fleet Driving Risk: Social Responsibility, or Serious Business Risk?

Fleet magazines quite often like to include some reference to the accident statistics involving driving for work.

The exact numbers that come out in the wash depend on to some extent, which interested party compiled the report. However the statistics usually estimate that 25 to 33% of road accidents involve someone who is at the time driving as part of their job. It is known that only 1 in 10 drivers actually drive’s for work, so occupational driving must be more dangerous.

The immediate thought that enters most reader’s heads is about the working drivers or other motorists that has been killed or injured as part of the statistics.

However, the facts detract from the very disturbing issue that 50% of the accident statistics involve a pedestrian or cyclist, and in the case of pedestrians the victims are more likely to have been children.

The nature of driving risk is that it is just about the most dangerous activity that an employee can be involved in at work, and in addition unlike most other at work activities, it is more likely to harm those unconnected with the business.

This of course makes driving for work a social, moral, business, and legal compliance issue that should not be overlooked when considering company Health and Safety Policy.