Pressure Grows for Over 70 Re-Testing

      It seems that never a day goes by where you won’t find a press article somewhere that seeks to criticise or politicize the older driver situation. On the one hand the articles draw our attention to the growing problem with older drivers being involved in collisions and on the other articles talk of reluctance in Govt to insist on re testing drivers over 70, as it could be political suicide. In an article found today on the Daily Mirror website, the … [Read more...]

Liveried Vehicles: Don’t Do Half a Job

      An incident that happened to me a few minutes ago adds massive weight to the argument in favour of carefully managing the drivers of liveried fleet vehicles. In my other life I’m a Mortgage Consultant with a company based in Bexleyheath Kent. Today i was in a car with another colleague and 2 Directors from a Building Society, out for a business lunch meeting. We were all in a car being driven by my colleague on the West Malling Bypass. He is not a … [Read more...]

AA Drive Tech Announces Redeveloped Training Course.

  AA Drive  Tech has recently announced details of its redeveloped training course.   In the Fleet News article the company says that it plans to put 6000 drivers per annum through the new course, which incorporates the core elements of Energy Saving Trust’ Approved Eco Driving Training. In the article a spokesperson states ““Our courses tend to be half-day or … [Read more...]

Staying Behind the Wheel Longer: Driving in Retirement

    Staying beyond the wheel longer, whilst remaining safe is surely a goal that every motorist wants to achieve? After all the independence that a car provides cannot be overstated, particularly for those living in rural parts of the country. There is a problem though, how do you know that your driving is still safe? Driving is deeply habitual and it’s very difficult for any motorist to see changes in their own driving habits. A good analogy is trying to proof read … [Read more...]